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Effective Presentation Skills

High-impact presentations begin with confident presenters trained using Dale Carnegie's methods.

Develop the Skills to Present Confidently

A presentation is a critical business tool. Whether your communication goal is to persuade, sell, or inspire, effective presentation skills are what will differentiate you from your competitors Think of it as the jewel in your crown. When properly executed, your presentation will make you stand out. Your audience will view you as a prepared, informed, and confident public speaker.


Effective public speaking and presence can help get a message across and influence an audience in memorable ways. During a presentation, effectively communicating in a way that’s truly electric, allowing people to see the most intelligent, trustworthy, and irresistible parts of your character.

As you draw people in, forming more meaningful, authentic, and lasting relationships, you’ll uncover even more opportunities for growth—from tackling new and different projects to taking on more responsibility to doing work that has the power to affect more people in more places.


Communicate Confidently to All Types of Audiences

Top Public Speaking and Presentation Training Courses

Explore the variety of presentation training courses offered to improve your public speaking skills.


High Impact Presentations

  1. Deliver convincing presentations.
  2. Make memorable and dynamic openings.
  3. Close presentations with credibility and impact.

Getting Rid of the Fear & Horror of Public Speaking

  1. Learn techniques to calm your nerves.
  2. Learn to think on your feet.
  3. Present with confidence and polish.

Public Speaking Mastery

  1. Research and organize your presentations.
  2. Speak with conviction and confidence.
  3. Navigate Q&As with ease.
How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact
  1. Influence outcomes.
  2. Create cooperation.
  3. Build your image as a strong, fair-minded leader.

Successful Public Speaking

  1. Identify reasons for uneasiness.
  2. Discover preparation tools to boost your confidence.
  3. Plan presentations.

Present to Persuade

  1. Learn 8 tips to quickly build rapport.
  2. Organize an influential presentation.
  3. Compel listeners to action.
Our Presentation Courses Will Help You:
Communicate with clarity and conviction
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Structure presentations for better outcomes
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Engage participation and interaction

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Encourage audiences to take action


Speak More Effectively

This ebook shows you that talking about your own experiences is no more difficult than telling a good story to a friend. It will help you develop the courage and self-confidence to speak in any public setting.

Learn how to eliminate nervous jitters and speak with confidence.

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Develop Essential Presentation Skills in Your Organization

Whether someone is persuading colleagues, selling to a client, or energizing a team, the power of the presentation makes the difference between the individual and company’s success and failure. That’s why Dale Carnegie’s presentation training courses offer proven methods for ensuring success with each presentation.

By assessing your unique needs, we create customized training solutions, in person or online, tailored to maximize the precise outcome you desire. Our training provides courses for effective presentation skills and the knowledge and tactics that empower your organization to communicate confidently, competently, and effectively to all types of audiences.

“Wow!! What can I say??! I had no idea what I was getting into with joining this High Impact Presentations course! This experience exceeded every one of my expectations. I learned so many things, met some great people, and also some great instructors! I encourage everyone to be a part of this course! It will change your entire view on presenting, and your life!”
Sherri Brown
High Impact Presentations

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