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Our Solutions for Teams
Disfunctions of a Team
By focusing on the most common problems encountered in teams and their root causes, we create teams that can work integrated, trust each other and achieve creative business results. We make the teams 'functional'.
Trusting Teams
Using a neuroscience-based team assessment tool, we focus on two key aspects of the team: Psychological Safety and Emotional Awareness. The deficiency in these two areas prevents the team from showing high performance. In this program, we discuss these two areas.
Dale Carnegie Course- Advanced
Discover how individual strengths and skills create team and organization results. Become familiar with the Five Drivers for Team Success. Commit to using strengths to help accomplish meaningful results.
Death by Meetings
In today's business world, meetings are perceived by employees as a waste of time. However, efficient meetings are one of the most important tools in the decision-making processes of companies. This workshop is carried out together with the Disfunctions of a Team Program.
Create a common purpose.
Team building begins with creating a shared sense of purpose. This makes the team stronger, establishes direction, and eases decision-making and problem-solving. It facilitates a team’s ability to work through differences and conflicts.

A common purpose provides a platform for clear, concise communication. It gives individuals a clear sense of the reason the team exists, clarifies individual roles, and articulates the importance of each role in the team’s effort.
Team Characteristics:
  1. Cooperative:
    Individuals rely on each other to make processes and interactions function as planned.

  2. Foster Mutual Respect
    Individuals avoid arrogance, condescension and criticism.

  3. Democratic
    Every team member's voice is heard.

  4. Well-Trained, Educated, Experienced
    Team members are expected to function in a specific role that has it's own set of experience and knowledge.
How we work with your team.
Whether your teams are virtual, hybrid and dispersed or in-person, we inspire and challenge teams to commit to strengthening how they work together to achieve greater results. ​

High performing teams happen when a group of people come together with passion, clarity and focus to support each other in achieving a common goal. ​

We work with you through a combination of diagnostics (assessments), facilitated workshops and training to achieve:
Trust and Connection

We build awareness of the importance of team relationships, and provide tools to increase your team's level of trust.


We'll work with your team in creating a compelling common goal aligned to organisational outcomes.

Communication and Accountability

Your teams will strengthen lines of communication and gain alignment on measurables and accountability.

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