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Organizational Development

Transformation to Live Online Training

Live Online

Did you know that Dale Carnegie has been a leader in professional training for over a hundred years, as well as thousands of graduates from instructor-led live online classrooms for over ten years?

If you want to include live online classrooms in the training and development activities of your organization and to convey your technical or competency-based trainings – with your in-house trainers – to live online virtual classes, we are ready to share our experiences and best- case-scenarios with you.

What You’ll Learn
  • To renew your vision on training and development activities in the face of changing conditions.
  • To make the must-have strategic planning for change.
  • To provide the in-house trainer staff with live online classroom instructor competencies.
  • To learn how to transform your in-house classroom training content and materials into a virtual classroom environment.
  • To have insights about the technological infrastructure required for virtual classroom events.
  • To gain necessary tips and insights for training management in the successful maintenance of virtual classrooms.
Why you want to learn it

All studies show that the training and development activities of the organizations will be highly affected by the new normal conditions and will change.

Based on the facts that working remotely will be the new reality of our lives and social distance rules will live with us for a long time, we anticipate that we will need to move to a hybrid method where live virtual platforms are designed together with in-person classroom programs.

How it will help you
In this program, which we will customize according to the realities of your institution, you will begin to create the necessary building blocks for your development and training activities that will help you successfully convey them into live online classrooms.