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To have a successful delivery of Dale Carnegie Live Online trainings there is always one trainer and one producer in the sessions. In fact both of them are Dale Carnegie certified trainers on both the classroom trainings and the digital platform live online trainings. Producer is responsible to ensure the program will be delivered without any technical problems. This is the reason Dale Carnegie is the leading training organization in Live Online trainings.

Dale Carnegie, provides an open attendance scheduling to attend in different days and times for the same program just like the open classroom trainings. Special sessions for corporations is always discussed and tailored based on that particular companies needs and scheduled in a way that fits to all attendees based on company request. Sessions will be available to attendees to connect from anywhere with an internet connection using the link provided to them in advance.

One very differentiating point of Dale Carnegie live online trainings is the availability of interactive coaching throughout all sessions. Because Dale Carnegie focuses on the trainers coaching capabilities in digital trainings to ensure participation and true consumption of the knowledge. Thus, the participants find the chance to discover new information that are useful in their Daily business lives exactly like the classroom trainings. A survey about Dale Carnegie live online trainings showed 100% of the participants admitted that they have found content which suits their current roles in their business lives. 98% admitted that they have also gained new insights that they can be applied to their business environments.

One of the most important aspects of todays’ business life is the time, quality and cost triangle. Especially during the pandemics it became more important to manage the cost, time and productivity of the teams that work from home. Live online trainings minimize the cost on location, travel, accommodation and provides connectivity from anywhere with an internet connection.

Dale Carnegie, provides content that will ensure performance transformation in live online trainings exactly the same as classroom trainings in various modules. Leadership, Sales, Presentation Skills, Communication, Trainer certification are the main topics which is divided, over 100 modules based on each aspect of the above topics. More importantly to ensure to get the same results as classroom trainings all content has been transformed and prepared for live online platforms from scratch. What is more is over 100 modules can be prepared as a special program and become tailormade based on corporate needs to create a special program.

Leading Virtual Teams

Leading Virtual Teams

This two session 6 hour program will help the leaders to gain useful information on leading the virtual teams to endure attendance and productivity.
Transformation to Live Online

How to Present Effectively Online?

By using the Dale Carnegie principles and using the technology efficiently with the help of extraordinary visuals you can present in a more impactful way.
Virtual Meetings

Effective Virtual Meetings

This interactive program ensures the meeting leads to learn new ways to make the online meetings more interactive thus more efficient.
Live Online Training programs

Leading Virtual Teams

Change is always difficult in a corporate environment and a very time consuming responsibility. The main aim of this training is to discover the common mistakes of leaders during change and how to overcome them.
Manage Stress

Managing Workplace Stress

Learn to evaluate your stress, stop worrying and manage more effectively without the stress factors.

Transformation to Live Online Training

It is a challenging task to make the transition from 'face-to-face' to 'live-online' solutions. It is of critical importance ‘how’ to do it.
develop your leadership

Develop Your Leadership Potential: Stop Doing Start Leading

Prepare yourself to be the leader of change, to get new initiatives and transform your teams to be more.

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Dale Carnegie Live Online Trainings are designed to provide interactive environments where attendees can grow their competencies by living in the situation with the help of two certified trainers in the same session. No one is left behind. Dale Carnegie with over a hundred years’ experience has transformed all knowledge to live online platforms to ensure the best transformational experience for attendees. You can get all trainings in the training catalogue from certified Dale Carnegie trainers in Nederlands just the same as all around the World.

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Dynamic Learning Experiences

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For more than 10 years, Dale Carnegie has committed to virtual training excellence for nearly 125,000 online graduates from top organizations across the globe. Dale Carnegie’s instructor-led virtual training breaks the mold of traditional, lecture-based webinar experiences with interactive, social learning opportunities that fit your schedule.

in person training

Live Online

• 1- hour, virtual instructor led sessions utilising chat, polling and whiteboard tools

• Fast paced, interactive

• Participants engage through interactive tools addressing outcomes and ‘How-to’s’

Live Online Workshops

• 1 – 3 hour virtual instructor led sessions utilising chat and voice interaction, white board tools, polling and break out rooms

• Skills development with emphasis on relevant business examples and collaboration

• Individualised coaching from the trainer and ongoing feedback from participants

• Break out rooms: Participants are given the chance to put skills and new processes to practice in small groups

Live Online

• Includes all workshop features

• Two to six sessions usually held on the same day over consecutive weeks

• Deep-dive skills development bootcamps with empahasis on business examples and collaboration


• Just like our in-person training, we can offer bespoke online training solutions to meet your individual needs and budget

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