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Leadership Training for Results:
Unleash Talent in Others

This program combines the crucially important hard skills and proven behaviors that leaders need, while also focusing on adopting the right attitudes required to be an engaging leader.

Get the full set of capabilities that you need, and work through Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Success Model to get the most out of your team


7th, 14th, 21st of June 2022.

Type: In Person
Duration: 3 full days
Delivery Language: English

Who Should Attend
Leaders and managers who have experience and want to take the capabilities and performance of themselves and their teams to the next level to improve their results.

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Whether leadership is given with a title or earned through the respect of others, it is a unique and difficult skill that requires the ability and willingness to face the ultimate unpredictable variable: people. This variability takes the form not just of diversity of people (generational, cultural, educational, mindset, etc.), but also the differences in lives, emotions, situations, abilities, and preferences.


Inspire, motivate, and develop others through a person-centered approach the strives to unleash the inherent greatness in the individuals on your team.
Create effective organizational communication to create a more inclusive environment.
Guide others through change, take on new initiatives, and develop your team members into top performers.
Promote teamwork, collaboration, and innovation to contribute to your organizations vision, mission and results.
Apply proven human relations techniques that will motivate and empower your team.

Who should attend?

  • Managers who have been successful on the process side, and now are looking to expand these skills to a more leadership mindset and develop people.
  • Leaders who have been successful with people, and now are looking to develop more of the strengths and processes to help people succeed.


Popular formats include: once a week for 8 weeks, and 3 consecutive days.


8 Sessions

This is delivered as 8 in-person sessions.


3 Days

This is an immersive experience of 3 consecutive days.
What You’ll Learn

In this course, we distinguish between leadership (the people side of getting things done) and management (the process side). Both elements are necessary, yet not individually sufficient. These two aspects come together in five key drivers:

1. Take responsibility for the future (self-direction and learning agility) – Leaders cocreate the vision, work to achieve it, achieve results, and learn from their mistakes. They follow their values to create a productive culture through their leadership and focus on developing people to their maximum potential.

2. Build a culture of trust and psychological safety – Leaders make it safe for people to perform and to innovate. By creating teams and partnerships through the development of trust and respect, leaders are able to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

3. Create a culture for collaboration – Leaders allow solutions to develop from the best ideas of the group and take a team approach to problem-solving. A collaborative environment is based on trust in each other, and in the systems and resources needed to be successful. Leaders enable their teams to flourish by providing resources that are necessary to allow people to do their jobs well.

4. Communicate effectively – Leaders influence people in their work by building relationships, creating a compelling desired future, and helping people figure out where they fit into that. They do this through effective and empathetic questioning and listening to everyone with a perspective on the organization to help people feel a sense of belonging and being important They actively solicit feedback and act on what they hear to build credibility and trust.

5. Demonstrate reliability – Leaders do what they say they will do, and ensure that others do as well, to obtain the results that are vital for organizational success. They set clear performance objectives and close the gap between expected and actual performance through coaching and mentoring. They give credit to others not taking credit for themselves.

Build on your unique strengths as a leader and develop additional competencies that will help you achieve the skills and characteristics that can push you to your next level of success as a leader in your organization.

Expect Thoroughly Trained Trainers: The participants in Leadership Training for Results: Unleash Talent in Others are made up of a spectrum of experience from people new to sales to veterans retooling their skills. Psychological Safety is emphasized to create a safe place to try out new skills and ideas. The trainers are highly vetted and undergo intense training that is ISO9002 certified to achieve consistent results globally. While part of a global organization, they are connected to your local culture, customs and language.

Expect Breakthroughs: Each time a new tool is introduced, it is demonstrated and practiced the ‘right’ way and coached in the moment before moving it out into your sales practice. Once a tool has been tested with customers and others, the group holds itself accountable by reporting back on what did or did not work. This fascinating approach makes it possible for everyone to learn from each other’s efforts.  By experiencing a series of successful attempts with positive reinforcement, habits are changed, and new skills are ingrained.

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Why You Want To Learn It

Leadership – in a world of globalization, rapid change, competitive pressures, uncertainty, confusion, disruption, and no clear answers – is not to be taken lightly. The cost of ineffective leaders takes the form of missed targets, declining performance, disengaged employees, and other wasted resources, as well as missed opportunities.

Leadership boils down to achieving results through other people. While this may sound simple, it requires engaging many people or teams, managing competing priorities, providing compelling direction, working across silos, and trying to figure out how to achieve results with limited resources.

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How It Will Help You

You will be more equipped to tackle complex people and organizational challenges, expand your influence, and excel in building new leaders. Use your new skills to achieve measurable results, elevating your value to your organization and positioning yourself for more and different challenges. The reward is seeing your team advance and your awareness shift to thinking like an owner and impacting culture.

Leadership is not a solitary activity; it is about how the leader treats the people they work with, and how they make people feel about themselves and the work. This allows leaders to influence and be influenced by others to achieve the best possible results. To get things done through other people, leaders must care. Participants often state that the ideas and information they received from their cohort resulted in accelerating all the benefits of the process and even resulted in professional relationships far beyond the conclusion of the scheduled sessions.

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  • Leadership: Drives business results by aligning the vision, mission, and values to enhance business value. Draws upon the unique talents and abilities of others to achieve desired results.
  • Initiative: Proactively makes things happen. Evaluates and takes corrective action with self and others.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Consistently builds strong, long-term relationships both inside and outside the organization.
  • Decision Making: Chooses among courses of action by considering facts, risks, objectives, and priorities.
  • Teamwork: Aligns resources by matching talent to task to deliver most effectively on individual and team and organizational goals.
  • Communication: Practices active listening supported with relevant oral and written information.
  • Change management: Seeks opportunities to redirect self, others, and processes to transform the organization.
  • Results-oriented: Passionate about accomplishments, and dedicated to achieving goals and solving problems.
  • Vision: Future-oriented. Applies imagination and wisdom to develop a compelling picture of what could and should be in terms of ultimate success.
  • Professionalism: Projects an image of honesty, confidence and integrity that fosters credibility.

Are Your Employees Motivated?

You will take a quick assessment to determine your own management, communication, and leadership skills. You’ll be given a series of guidelines to address those areas where you need improvement and emphasize your areas of expertise.

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The Performance Coaching Process

Learn seven proven steps and practical techniques to create an atmosphere where people are consistently motivated to reach their highest potential. Discover ways to recognize strengths and opportunities, give effective feedback, and provide the right kind of support and recognition.

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The Dale Carnegie® methodology is time-tested with thousands of testimonials attesting that it works. From the very start, on an individual level, you will set stretch goals and with the support of the social learning environment, the ‘in-the-moment’ coaching by the highly trained facilitator(s), the accountability to commitments, progress will be visible to yourself and others. In the Dale Carnegie® methodology, we focus on building strengths to overpower our weaknesses. We believe that everyone has inherent greatness, and it simply needs to be identified and nurtured.

 What is eVolve?

eVolve is a transformational learning platform designed to build skills through experience, social collaboration, practice and application in the real world. eVolve is the only online learning platform to harness the time-tested principles of Dale Carnegie and the unique training methodology that creates performance change. In courses elevated by the eVolve learning platform, you will connect with your trainer and peers before, during and after the course and unlock digital content to supplement your learning journey. Sustain and sharpen your skills with 12 months extended access.


 What does Learn From Anywhere mean?  

Courses with the Learn from Anywhere option allows you to select where you are most comfortable learning; in the training room or live online. You choose how you would like to attend, session to session. Don’t let your schedule get in the way of advancing your career or your personal improvement. With Dale Carnegie Learn from Anywhere, you can now experience our programs in a truly flexible format. Join live online one week and in person the next. You control how you want to attend. Whether in person or live online, your experiences are the same. Learn through the same trainer, alongside the same classmates, and grow with the same content experience regardless of location. (Group size must be maintained for optimal experience. Subject to approval by Trainer.)


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Hourly Schedule

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

9:00 - 17:00
Full day training

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

9:00 - 17:00
Full day training

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

9:00 - 17:00
Full day training


Jun 07 2022


3 full days of training (7th, 14th, 21st of June 2022h)
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


VAT Included €1,500

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